Friday, 26 August 2016

Color Your World

Dear Friends...
We have an extra special treat for you today - a breathtaking work of art from Athanasia. Your mouths will drop when you see how beautiful it is and how incredibly creative Athanasia is being able to come up with such an out of the box use for resist canvas...
No more talking - read ahead and be amazed! :)

Hello dear friends!
I was keeping for a long time these two amazing resist canvases to make something special.
The time came when I found incidentally on Pinterest some ideas with world map art like wallpapers, digital collages and art pieces. I was very excited so I decided to make my own piece of art in my own way.
The whole project measures 1 meter (5 canvases 20x60cm. each), it took me many many days to finish it and now I'm very proud it's hanging on my wall :)

Here is how I started:

1. First I secured the 5 canvases together with masking tape. This made my work much easier in the next steps.

2. Then I cut out very carefully with scissors the land pieces of a map that was the same size as my canvases and this way I created a large stencil. I didn't throw away the cut out pieces...

3. I used them as masks to create the land for my project. I placed all the pieces one by one on the resist canvases and I drew the outline with a pencil. Then I cut them with scissors and put them aside.

4. When I was done with cutting the land, I placed my handmade stencil on the canvases and put each one of the cut resist canvas pieces in the right place. This was a little tricky as there were too many small pieces especially for the islands, but it helped me to learn some geography lol ! :)

5. Before I glued down the lands,  I used the Silicone Brush to give the whole surface a thick layer of Heavy White Gesso and let it dry.
To glue the resist canvas pieces I used the Clear Sculpture Medium - it was really the perfect glue for this work! I let it dry outside for a couple of hours.

6. After it was dry, I started working with the sea sections. I used the Clear Sculpture Medium again with napkins. I glued them randomly and wrinkled to create texture. This also gave depth and interest to the finished project. I left it overnight to dry.
(Unfortunately, from this point onward I haven't any more photos of the process to share as I was so captivated with the painting part that I didn't think to take some)

7. The painting part was so much fun, it was really worth waiting for...
I made custom paints with the Soft Matte Gel and Mica Powders and started painting all over the canvases, here and there, without much thinking. I mostly used Rust Mica Powder (I love this color), as well as Gold and blue shades of Frozen Lake and Deep Water. I also used some similar shades of Primary Elements.

When the first layer of paints was dry, I used a couple of warm colors of Art Alchemy acrylic paints - Pure Sunshine and Fresh Orange, as well some white acrylic paint to lighten the project.

I love how all these colors blend together, highlight the texture of paper napkins and contrast the beautiful lands of the resist canvas pieces!

I hope you got inspired with my project.
Thank you for visiting,
have a lovely crafty day!

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Love for Denim - My Journal

My dear ones,
I'm back on my blog - with one of my newest creations, ready to share with you not only the project itself, but also the idea behind one of my design products - Denim Journal by Prima.
You could see amazing. grungy journal cover by Linda, colorful, truly breathtaking project by Gayle, great idea how to "move in" into your denim journal by talented Athanasia and Denisa - and last but not least we had beautiful, grungy (and delicate in the same time) cover by Riikka and dreamy, sea-inspired project by Kasia. Do you think you are ready for more?
Here is my take. I hope you will love it as much as I do!

The whole idea behind this "Denim Journal" is... it is not a journal really. When I was working on this product what I had in mind was something like "travel folder" or handy "all in one", wrapped in sturdy cover which will be perfect for taking with you anywhere where you'd like to collect and create. In the train or bus. On the plane. On your vacation. In the hotel room. At work. In the Cafe. Waiting for your friends to pick you up... just name it.

As you can see - Denim Journal is designed to grow.
It has space for all the papers, scraps, photos you'd like to put inside. You can easily fill it with all your favorite findings from your travels - or stickers, pictures and photos taken from home as the inspiration for tour "travel projects".

Pages are easy to add and take out, if you prefer. There are pockets, sleeves, watercolor paper inside...and even some fabric pages which are great storage solutions for pins, badges, thread, buttons... or maybe you are in love in embroidery and you'd like to work on your little masterpiece when travelling or waiting for your appointments? No problem!

There is plenty of space for any kind of creativity - just let yourself gather your favorite supplies, some basic tools and take it with you, wherever you go. This is THAT simple.

Looking at the cover - imagination is the limit!Denim blue is a lovely color to start with - easy to combine with almost any color palette. I decided to start my creative process by white-washing the outside of the folder wit a bit of Art Basics White Heavy Gesso - to give it more worn-out look. Adding all the elements on was easy - Art Basics Heavy Body Gel is an ultimate dimensional gluing solution - right?

I added some stenciling with Art Basics Modeling Paste too - and played a lot with shades of brown, blue and rusty. With my Art Extravagance Rust Effect Pastes - it was really easy and fun to do!

Finally - I put a protective coat of Art Basics Soft Matte Gel on the embellishments - to make sure the paints will stay on during my travels. It's matte finish makes it really invisible, but it gives your project a nice coat of varnish. Great solution!

Here is the list of the products I used to decorate my Denim Journal cover. I hope it helps! All of the products are linked from Mixed Media Place Store.

I wish you a great, creative week. Enjoy the last days of summer - as I do!
Sending hugs