Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Book of Possibilities - a look inside of my Mood Book...

Hi again my dear ones!
2 weeks ago I was happily announcing my second online class, which I created with my friends from Everything Art - Kasia and Jamie. It is called "Book of Possibilities" and you can learn more about it and register here!

After the books which I've done during the class were finished on the outside and some starting pages were done, the process of collecting, repurposing, adding and simply - journaling has started!
All you can see below happened after the point, where the class has finished, they are not included into class instructions. The project just came to life, just like I intended!
As I mentioned in the class my ida was to create a Mood Book - you can compare it to a moodboard, but in a form of a handy book: something you can easily take with you everywhere, fill it with your favourite findings wherever you will go, whenever you will find the time. Somehow, this idea was really intriguing...

I had no doubt what would be the content of my Mood Book: I wanted to express my love for my vintage findings - old photos, pieces of lace, pins, paper clips, pieces of fabric. I finally could use those hand written notes, which I was sometimes discovering in the old notebooks, all these papers torn out of beautiful vintage books, all the beloved goodies I was hoarding for ages...

As you can see these pages are really simple, but they are complete to me, I'm happy with just. bit of colour, some short text, piece of tape or lace - no pressure, no overthinking.

On many of these  pages I decided to use Prima Adhesive Rub-ons to add the big and bold lettering accents. I was using both Prima foils and my Art Ingredients Mica Powders - both combinations worked great! Smaller sentiments are parts of my Cling Stamps Sets - love them!

If you'd like to create your own Book of Possibilities - alter the cover (in 2 ways!) and  get a bunch of ideas how  to start your own pages - you should really check my online class. You won't find the instruction how to make pages above there, but you will create a perfect, inspiring base which will push you into arms of creativity!

Here you can check some of the products which were use to create pages above - all linked to Mixed Media Place Store! 

As this is an ongoing projects sooner or later I will have more pages to share with you - stay tuned!

Monday, 14 August 2017

Hidden Treasures

Hi and hello lovely Friends!
I'm sure you must have already noticed that Sanda is the Queen of Magical Textures! :) 
Today she's presenting another art feast with fossils pressed in gel medium and brilliant faux seaweeds. Feel invited to the stunning 'underwater' world of Sanda's mixed media imagination...

*   *   *   *

Hello dear friends,
For this month's project I would love to share with you a sea themed mixed media canvas, using lots and lots of texture and layers in lovely tones of teals and greens.
I had so much fun creating this canvas and I hope you’ll like it.
I started by applying a layer of Modeling Paste mixed with Texture Powder using a silicone brush.
I dried it just a bit with my heating tool and then pressed an ammonite fossil into it to create some texture.
Left it to dry and then I covered everything with a layer of Heavy White Gesso.
To add some colour to my background, I used a few ink sprays in a combination of blues and greens.
Using airdry clay I created a starfish that I embellished with some Art Stones and a few seahorses and then I started on my composition.
For this purpose, I used real sea shells in different sizes and shapes, my handmade starfish and seahorses, a few Mechanicals and lots and lots of Art Stones that I glued down with 3D Matte Gel
To create the “seaweed” I used pieces of cheese cloth I have painted using diluted Impasto paints.
When everything was dry, I started adding more colour to my background, using again diluted Impasto paints.
I painted the clusters of shells, Mechanicals, clay bits and Art Stones with a mixture of Impasto paints, Rust and Patina Pastes and Art Alchemy Metallique paints.
When the paint was dry I sponged some White Gesso on top and added hightlights with Art Alchemy Sparks, Waxes and Mica Powder.
As a finishing touch I made some splatters with diluted White Gesso and added the words.
Here is my video where you can watch my creative process and see all the products I used.
Enjoy and have fun!

I hope you enjoyed and got inspired by my new project and you are ready to create some magic of your own. 😊

Have a wonderful day, my friends, xoxo

Products used:

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